Improv Shenanigans takes place every Tuesday at Denver's Dangerous Theatre Annex: Classroom & Rehearsal Space. "The Annex" for short.

* Anyone 19+ welcome to attend.
* $15/person
* Cash/venmo only at the door (or purchase in advance on ticketleap)
* Door opens at 7:30
* Hang out, bring your dinner if you want, socialize til 8pm
* No entry after 8pm
* 8-8:15 ~ Plan of Attack (discuss the topic for the evening)
* 8:15-8:30 ~ warm ups
* 8:30 - 9:30 ~ Attack (play improv games)
* 9:30 - 9:45 ~ Cool Down, Pack Up, Exchange Info
* 9:45 - 9:50 ~ Get out, go home or to Denny's, actually, anywhere ya wanna go as long as you leave.

Improv Shenanigans

This weekly Tuesday evening drop in Improv Workshop is for anyone who performs on stage, wants to perform on stage, already likes to do improv or wants to learn improv, or is looking for something fun to do. All experience levels welcome. This workshop is h osted by Anna, Brainard or WInnie.

During this class you can expect to learn fundamental improv skills, practical exercises, and tips/tricks for problem solving during a scene all with plenty of time to workshop your new skills and have a little fun while doing it. So come join us for an all-experience-level, judgment-free atmosphere for practicing a skill that you can use in more ways than you’d think.

Improv Shenanigans will offer a different perspective each week on a rotating basis. You do not have to attend in any order, just attend when you can\want.

Every 1st Tuesday - Fundamentals: Rules of Improv

This week is for people who are brand new to improv or those who just need a little refresher. No matter how skilled you are, it’s never a bad idea to revisit your fundamentals.

Every 2nd Tuesday - Frames of Mind and Problem Solving

Now that you’ve learned your fundamentals, it’s time to dig a little deeper. What do you do if you can’t come up with an idea on the spot? What do you do if you freeze up? What if I misunderstand my scene partner? We’ll cover how to handle these common hurdles and more this week.

Every 3rd Tuesday - Pantomime and Character Work

This week we’ll look at how to turn your inspiration into believable characters, how to pull cups and swords from thin air, and how to navigate invisible rooms like they’re your own house.

Every 4th Tuesday - Refining / Tips and Tricks

This is where you make your skills your own. Ask questions, play with ideas, and look at some specific problems you may run into.

About the presenters:

Anna - will update as soon as I have their bio.

Brainard Starling has been a premier character actor from Boulder to Colorado Springs since 2008. He has taught a variety of classes in the Denver area from 2014 until Covid. He has created and performed over 200 different characters. He also runs the Improv Shenanigans class on Tuesday nights. The creativity of acting and teaching balance the extremely boring day job he has and is cheaper than therapy.

Winnie Wenglewick has owned Denver's Dangerous Theatre since 2007. She got her start in theatre over 30 years ago working for the Orlando International Fringe Theater Festival. She loves original works with only a few actors. She has produced a couple dozen productions at Dangerous Theatre and has directed most of them. She has also written a number of plays and finds herself on stage nearly as often as she has directed. Her education is in psychology and business and all her theatre endeavors have been self taught. She hopes that eventually enough people come to these classes so she never has to hold an audition ever again. She HATES auditions.

About the venue:

Denver's Dangerous Theatre Annex: Classroom & Rehearsal Space (The Annex for short) and the Denver Sanctuary support one another, like a bra holds up both boobs. The Annex supports The Sanctuary's quest to offer more education to the kink community. Attending classes there help support the Denver Sanctuary. Plus, there is free parking in the lot outside The Annex.