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Dangerous Angel

Fundraising Program

PATRONS: If you wish to make your ticket purchase a Dangerous Angel Ticket Purchase,

just ask for a Dangerous Angel Card to fill out when you arrive at the theatre.

Make sure to tell the organizations you love to support to sign up!


How does this program work?

Any group or organization can earn money by sending your supporters to see a show at Dangerous Theatre. Animal Shelters, Other theatres, Meet-up Groups, Community sports teams, a group of folx who do Girls Nite Out once a month. Seriously, anyone can take advantage of raising funds.

What do Groups/Organizations do?

* Tell their supporters that they can raise money for them by seeing a show at Denver’s Dangerous Theatre.

* Share with them what shows are currently playing.

* Put a link on their website to the Dangerous Angel Program page on the Denver’s Dangerous Theatre website

* Plan extra fundraisers at tech rehearsals or specially booked shows

What Does Dangerous Theatre do?

* For every ticket sold $1.00 will be donated back to the group/organization.

* Laminated posters/Flyers will be provided for you to post in your location.

* Postcards will be provided to promote fundraising for your group/organization

* Opportunities will be available for larger fund raising opportunities.

* Graphics will be emailed to you to post on social media and in email blasts


* Payment will be made on the 15th of the month for all previous month's collected donations.

Are you certified DANGEROUS?

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