Hi! I’m Winnie Wenglewick. I have owned Dangerous Theatre since August 2007. I am basically a one-woman operation. I focus on producing unpublished plays. I don’t care if the play has never been produced, or had readings, or has been produced once or 20 times before. As long as it is unpublished (or self-published) and meets my requirements, submit any time. I am always accepting scripts, but that does not guarantee I will read all my submissions. Again, it’s just me. No one else reads scripts and decides what gets produced.

Before I get to my guidelines, let me explain how Dangerous Theatre works. I have a small venue that seats about 50. I have another business that shares the space and pays all the overhead for the space, which is what allows me to focus on new works. It also allows me to dedicate 50% of my gross ticket sales to pay my actors, playwrights and staff. Playwrights get 7% of gross tickets sales, paid within 14 days after close of the show. If a playwright is able to come attend the show I will pay $100 towards their travel expenses. If they cannot attend, I usually try to video tape it to send to the playwright.

Dangerous Theatre calendar

I called my theatre “Dangerous” Theatre because it is a dangerous proposition to make a living in theatre. I also am not afraid to produce plays with topics others may pass on. I’m not afraid of nudity. I produced Peter McGarry’s “Dark Wood” which has 3 naked men on stage for 90 minutes. I also produce multiple shows at a time, usually of different styles. I do not have intermissions at my shows because I do not sell concessions, I give them away.  My love for theatre started at the Orlando Fringe so I am all about bare bones productions. I prefer to spend as little as possible on set and costuming and props and let the focus be on the actors and the story. My stage is only 14’ X 19’. My green room is the size of a postage stamp.

So, here are the guidelines:

* Email submissions to Winnie@Dangeroustheatre.com
* In the subject line please just put the “TITLE OF THE PLAY”
* In the email itself include a brief synopsis of the play, the set requirements and how many actors are required.
* Attach the play as an attachment. I don’t give a hoot what format it is in.
* No more than 5 actors (primarily, because I pay my actors)

* NO ACTORS UNDER THE AGE OF 18. The other business that shares the space is adult in nature, so no kids.
* Single set preferred or easily changed set. All sets need to be struck in 10 minutes either for another show or for the other business to use the space.
* Optimum run time is about 75 minutes. Must be at least 60 and less than 90.

I generally read about 20 pages and if it is not grabbing me by then I don’t read any further. So, if there is a major plot point or event in the play that happens after that, please note that in the email introduction.

Once you have sent a submission, I will reply when I have received it. If I do NOT reply, please feel free to send again. Please keep in mind that I know my audience. I also know the pool of actors at my disposal. When I read a script I immediately start to think about how I might market it, or cast it, or fit it on my stage. I have liked many scripts that didn’t feel I could produce it well. Also, please realize that I make NO GUARANTEE that I will ready your script. I run two businesses and home school my son. Please do not send me emails every week asking if I read it yet. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. The best way to get a hold of me is through messenger on Facebook. There is only one Winnie Wenglewick. 😉