We love Meetup.com groups at Dangerous Theatre


Denver's Dangerous Theatre is a quirky theatre space near downtown off I25 & 6th Ave. We only produce unpublished works never shown in Denver. We have a large social area folks can meet in before the show. Refreshments are always INCLUDED in the ticket price (coffee, soda, tea, hot cocoa, bagged chips and treats). Patrons 21+ are allowed to *bring their own* beer or wine. We have had many Meetups organized at the theatre. On Sundays we offer an appetizer buffet, also INCLUDED in the ticket price. When a meetup is planned the attendees get tickets for $15.00 (instead of $20). There is NO minimum number of attendees for a meetup and the maximum is limited only by available seating at the theatre. The available seating varies depending on the production but is between 32 and 50. The Meetup organizer gets 2 free tickets to the event. To plan a Dangerous Theatre Meetup call Winnie at 720-233-4703.