We only accept cash at the door!

Tickets to all regular weekend Dangerous Theatre shows are $20.00.

There is a $5.00 discount for students, military and seniors 62+.

On Thursday, Fruday and Saturday evening performances, the tickets INCLUDE refreshments such as soft drinks, coffee, tea, bagged chips and treats. If we have a Sunday matinee at 1:00, that ticket price includes a brunch (no kidding). If there is a later matinee or Sunday evening performance the ticket price includes an appetizer buffer (Seriously, Winnie likes food!)

Sometimes we have two shows back to back on FRIDAY night or SUNDAY afternoons. We then offer "Dangerous Double" tickets, good for both shows for only $30.00.

Tickets to the Hell Toupee Cabaret, every 4th Thursday, are only $7.00.

If you look around on the web you can usually find ticket deals on lots of sites like YELP.COM, DENVER.ORG, DOINGDENVERFORLESS.COM and MILEHIGHONTHECHEAP.COM.  We also offer tickets to members at ONTHELIST.COM

I know it sounds archaic, but we do *only accept cash* at the door. Why? Primarily because we don't want to pay fees to accept plastic. But another big reason is it takes too much time at the door. Since we have shows running back to back most of the time, it is really important to start our shows on time. People show up late and it just takes too much time to run a card.

Although not required, we prefer that folks call to make reservations. If you make a reservation over the phone your seats are guaranteed until 5 minutes before curtain. If you are not there by then and we have a wait list we will release your reservations. Call Winnie at 720-233-4703 to make reservations. Do it now before you forget!

If you need to pay with a credit card you can do so online but there is a fee.

Don't like to carry cash? Get one of our Dangerous Player Cards, a punch card good for 6 shows, so you don't have to. That is almost as good a plastic. The punch cards cost $90 - making each ticket only $15.00.

Meetup.com folks?  We love having Meetup groups have an event at Dangerous Theatre. We do offer some extra perks to meetup.com organizers. Click the link for more details about setting up a meetup at Dangerous Theatre.