REMINDER: Dangerous Theatre is a rather small venue with cabaret style seating. Purchasing tickets online or calling 720-233-4703 to make reservations is the best way to make sure you have a seat reserved.

dancing nude

~Dancing Nude~
Written & Performed by Timothy Mooney
Fridays, 9/5 & 9/12 @ 8:00
Saturdays, 9/6 & 9/13@ 7:00
Sunday 9/14 @ 6:30
Tickets $20.00
$5.00 off for students, military and seniors 62+

Special "Nude Night" performance on Saturday, 9/5. Any audience member willing to watch the show in the nude only pays $10/ticket.

Captivating story teller Timothy Mooney brings his comedic performance about his truthful revelations about being male to Dangerous Theatre for a mere 5 performances!

"A fun and candid romp... He has you laughing and nodding in agreement. Manic but fantastically timed... ‘Take it off!’ was the reply from more than one person.”  Kelly Fitzpatrick, Orlando Sentinel

“A giddy whirlwind... A stripped down, real-life confession told with hilarious audacity. You’ll love him - all of him.”Dawn Arnold (Moving Dock Theatre)

tim jester hat

~Lot O' Shakespeare~
Performed by Timothy Mooney
ONLY 3 Performances
Sunday, 9/7 @ 7:00
Thursday, 9/11 @ 7:30
Sunday, 9/14 @ 3:00
Tickets $20.00
$5.00 off for students, military and seniors 62+


“Imagine the most educational show that you’ve ever seen… and then imagine a show more educational (and a lot more fun) than that!”

Timothy Mooney has memorized one monologue from every Shakespeare play, capturing the most stirring speeches, the most wicked double-entendres, and the most delicious sonorous soliloquies ever to emerge from Shakespeare’s pen! Following rave reviews at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival and around the United States, Lot o’ Shakespeare, a dynamic tour de force of vocal and physical pyrotechnics, is coming to the Dangerous Theatre.

Lot o’ Shakespeare features 38 monologues chosen entirely at random by the spinning of a Bingo cage! The audience plays along on their individual "IAGO" cards, and the first to match four plays in a row wins a t-shirt! And while the game turns it all into fun, in the process the audience discovers the breadth, the excitement and genius of Shakespeare in passionate scenes of action, character and power!

ATA cast
~Awaiting the Apocalypse~
Written by:Jonathan M. Vick
Directed by Winnie Wenglewick
Featuring the talents of: Stacia Gordon, Patrick Call, Scott Croushore, Dan Davis, Winter Maza, Marq Del Monte & Winnie Wenglewick

September 18 - November 21, 2014
(No show on 10/3, 10/31 or 11/2)
Fridays at 7:30 & Sundays at 1:00
Sunday's performance includes brunch in the ticket price.
Tickets $20.00
$5.00 off students, military and seniors 62+
Sundays Dangerous Double Tickets:
See "Awaiting the Apocalypse" at 1:00 and "BITE" at 3:00 for only $30

“Awaiting the Apocalypse” is a comedy about the end, and there are no zombies involved. In the small, dingy diner called Smithereens, Mort, Solomon and Sylvester believe themselves to be three of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. They wait, not so patiently, for the fourth horseman to arrive and start the end of the world. Cameron stumbles into the diner, following a woman he hasn’t even met but is too cowardly to talk to. The three are convinced he is the one they have been waiting for. Cameron becomes “one of them”, even if he won’t admit it. Dallas, owner of the diner, and Nora, the waitress, attempt to keep some sense of order within the chaos. Ultimately, the end is not what it seems, in more ways than one. “What is the Apocalypse? Is it fire and brimstone and deities passing judgment? Or is it just you and me giving up?”

For this particular production the audience members will be seated in the diner with the characters in the play. Seating will be very limited.

bite cast

A Choose-Your-Own Adventure Sex Farce
Written by:Suzanne Bachner
Directed by Winnie Wenglewick
Featuring the talents of: Wayne Montle, Brittany Lacour & Lucky Johnson

September 19 - November 22, 2014
(No show on 11/1 or 11/2)
Saturdays at 7:00 & Sundays at 3:00
Tickets $20.00
$5.00 off students, military and seniors 62+
Sundays Dangerous Double Tickets:
See "Awaiting the Apocalypse" at 1:00 and "BITE" at 3:00 for only $30

“BITE” is a brand new Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Sex Farce that is sure to have audience members return to see it more than once. Dr. Greenmeadow and Dr. Marone are business partners in a struggling Dental Practice. Natalie, the receptionist, discovers Dr. Marone has been taking more than just longer lunches from the practice. Where could he be spending so much money? Dr. Greenmeadow follows him and ends up in Purgatory – a high end dungeon in NYC. Added to the mix are Parker and Annabell, potential dental patients. Dr. Greenmeadow’s hunt for his partner, Dr. Marone, in Purgatory is general sexual hilarity that “Fifty Shades of Gray” wishes it could have been. Throughout the play, Dr. Greenmeadow stops the action to ask the audience what happens next and to vote with their “lollypaddles”. This means every performance could be different.

BONUS BITE: Sunday, November 23rd @ 3:00

During the play, one of the characters askes the audience to vote in a "choice moment" nearly a dozen times, meaning there really are numerous ways this story could play out. On Sunday, 11/23, the cast will offer a performance where every possible scenario will be played out. After the performance the audience is invited to stay for the cast party. Tickets for the “all options” performance are $40 and must be purchased in advance.

hell toupee logo~ Hell Toupee Cabaret ~

Every 4th Thursday at 7:30

Next show Thursday, August 21st!

Presented by Planet X Productions.

Hosted by Infernal Phil

Hell Toupee Cabaret will crossing in to the realm of sleep in August, with our Dreams and Nightmares show. Don't miss this opportunity to cross over in to the dream realms with hilarious original sketches by Planet X Players, and dreamy music from Miss Demi Urge and the Hell Toupee Band.

 Come on down. Door opens at 7:00, show starts at 7:30.
Tickets are only $7.00


Hell Toupee Cabaret is sponsored by Planet X Tattoo & Supply, featuring $20 piercings and $100 per hour custom tattoos every day of the week. Bring your show program for 25% off tattoos and piercings!




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