Dangerous Theatre COVID-19 Safety Policy:

Since Covid is still killing folks Winnie has decided to make the theatre a vaccinated only venue until further notice.

* All theatre staff must be vaccinated.

* All performers must be vaccinated.

* All audience members must be vaccinated and proof of vaccination will be required at the door upon arrival. Both physical and digital proof will be accepted. We are NOT accepting negative Covid test results at this time.

* As everyone is vaccinated, wearing a mask is optional. (Unless it becomes mandated)

* All tickets must be purchased in advance, no sales at the door. Ticket sales end 90 minutes before any show starts.

* All seating is cabaret style and tickets are purchased per table.

* All tables and chairs are sanitized before and after every show.

* On nights with 2 shows back to back, we also run UVC lights between shows.

* Compared to our pre-covid seating arrangement, seating starts further away from the stage and there is more space between parties. To accomplish this, all seating is determined in advance and tables cannot be moved.

* If folx purchase tickets separately but want to sit together, please let Winnie know in advance as all seating is designated in advance.

* Of course, copious amounts of hand sanitizer is available at the venue.

For anyone who may be angered by this policy, may I remind you that Winnie, who owns the theatre, has the right to make any covid policy she wants to protect herself, her staff and her audience. If SHE gets sick with Covid, it shuts her theatre down and after this past year she is not willing to take any chances and risk further financial loss. If you are not vaccinated and cannot understand this then you are probably just an entitled asshat and Winnie doesn't want your money anyway.