DENVER AUDITIONS for 2 fall productions at Denver's Dangerous Theatre

PAID POSITIONS. Actors paid a % of the ticket sales at the end of the run.

Saturday, 8/19 from 4-6pm
Sunday, 8/20 from 1:30 - 3:30
Callbacks on Sunday 8/20 from 4-6pm

Auditions held at:
Denver's Dangerous Theatre
2620 W. 2nd Ave Unit 1
Denver, CO 80219
box office: 720-989-1976

Brett Hersey's "The Vagrant"
Run: Sept.29th - Nov 10th, Fri at 7:30 & Sun at 4pm
Rehearsals: Sun 3-6, Tues & Wed 7-9pm starting 8/22
Directed by Evan Glaser

The Vagrant is a heartwarming tale about a homeless man in NYC who hit the streets to escape his past life but it comes back to haunt him in unexpected ways. Previously produced at Dangerous Theatre in 2011.

Needed: 3M, 3F
Lenny - 40+ - Homeless man with a big heart and a sarcastic personality who knows how to survive.
Maggie - 40+ A homeless Bag lady and a friend of Lenny's who think Shriners communicate with aliens.
John & Rachael - early 20's - new stock analysts trying to get a hold of their new careers in the big city.
Rodney - 20's - 30's - a hot dog vendor who isn't the brightest bulb on the tree.
Mrs. Edgeworth - 40+ - A social worker.

Peter McGarry's "Medea"
Run: Sept 30 - Nov. 11 Sat at 7pm & Sun at 2pm
Rehearsals: Sat 4-6pm, Sun 1-3pm, Mon 7-9pm (Tech Tues 9/22)
Directed by Evan Glaser

This modern adaptation pits Medea the character against the actor playing Medea and a chorus trying to keep the show going.

Needed: 2F
Medea - 40+ Need a strong actress to tackle this classic role of a mother scorned.
Chorus - 20s - 30's - In this production the role of the Chorus is to keep Medea on track of the story.

To schedule an audition time, or request a copy of a script, please send an email to or call 720-989-1764 and hit the extension for Evan Glaser.

Denver's Dangerous Theatre is located near I25 & 6th Ave West. We have been producing original works since 2007. It is a small intimate space that seats between 40-50 in a cabaret setting.

SANFORD AUDITIONS for multiple productions at Dangerous Theatre Sanford this Fall. ALL PAID POSITIONS. Our Christmas productions include musical roles. We also need a drag queen for one show. Short descriptions listed below. If you wish for more information, or to read the script, on any production send an email to and request it. For general questions you can call Winnie at 720-989-3283.

Sunday 8/6, Monday 8/7 & Tuesday 8/8 from 6-9pm.
Just drop in. If you NEED to have a specific time call Winnie at 720-989-3283 to make an arrangement.
Please come with a prepared monologue of your choice. Musical auditions need to sing a favorite Christmas carol of theor choice.

Auditions to take place at
Dangerous Theatre Sanford
115 W 1st St * Sanford, FL 32771

The Vagrant
Written by Brett Hursey
Directed by Winnie Wenglewick & John McDonald
A dramedy about a homeless man in NYC.
Run from September 15th - October 14th
Rehearsals start August 13th, Sunday afternoons & Tues & Thurs Evenings from 7 - 10. NO REHEARSALS over Labor Day Weekend
Needed: 1F early 20s, 1M early 20's, 1F 40s+, 1M 30s+

Written by Peter McGarry
Directed by Winnie Wenglewick
Modern adaptation of the Greek classic about women trying to end war by refusing sex.
Run from October 20th - November 18th
Rehearsals start September 17th, Sunday afternoons & Tues & Thurs Evenings from 7 - 10.
Needed: 3 women, ages not specific.

Mission to Zolbott
Written & Directed by Winnie Wenglewick
A disco loving drag queen alien wants to take over the galaxy with her disco death ray and it is up to the crew of the space ship Conundrum to defeat her!
Run from October 13th - November 18th
Rehearsals start September 9th, Saturday afternoons and Mon & Wednesday evenings from 7-10.
Needed: 2M, 1F not age specific, 1M VERY STRONG improv performer age not specific, 1 drag queen.

Who Killed Santa? The Choose-Your-Own-Ending Musical Murder Mystery Holiday Whodunit
Written by Neil Haven
Directed by Winnie Wenglewick
Someone killed Santa. Was it the Little Drummer Boy, Frosty Rudolph, Tiny Tim? The audience decides.
Run From November 24th - December 29th
Rehearsals start October 21st Saturday afternoons and Mon & Wednesday evenings from 7-10.
Needed: 1M 40+, 3Ms mid 20's - mid 30'd, 2F mid 20's - mid 30's
Auditioners need to come prepared to sing their favorite Christmas carol acapella.

Titus Andronicus Holiday Special
Written by Al Pergande
Directed by Mark J. Richman
Shakespeare's most murderous play turned into a 1960's era TV Holiday Special. Musical and non-musical parts.
Run from November 25th - December 29th
Needed: 6M, 2F - all age ranges. Call backs will be scheduled with the director at a later date that will be determined by the time of these auditions. Please bring a musical piece to perform at the audition. Music accompaniment needs to be provided on a thumb drive.

Sick & Twisted Comedy Troupe
There are 3 shows planned by the Sick & Twisted Comedy Troupe. The dates are not completely set but the shows will usually run at a later time slot. Anyone is welcome to audition be become part of the troupe. The first show will go into rehearsal end of august and open in September some time.Type your paragraph here.