Yelp reviews for Dangerous Theatre

Are you looking for comedy? We got comedy. No drama here! Want a little stand up comedy? You got it! How about some improv? We got that too! Are you jonesing for a little live sketch comedy? You have come to the right place! No matter what you search for on Google: comedy club Denver, Denver comedy clubs, Denver comedy, comedy club, things to do in Denver, comedy shows near me, date night Denver.... we have it all here at Denver's Dangerous Theatre.

We are offering your comedy fix in 2 shows every Friday night through the end of June.

BONUS! The early 7:30 show will be reserved for folks with proof of Covid vaccination - either physical card or photo of such on your phone. Gotta have it at the door to get into the 7:30 show.

Anyone can come to the 10pm show, vaccine or not.

This show is NOT for children or any human under the age of 18 due to language, sexual subject matter and possible nudity.

COVID-19 Safety precautions still taken!

* Temperature checks at the door

* Socially Distanced Seating limited to only about 20 people.

* Advance Ticket sales only. Must be purchased by 6:30 pm on day of show.

* Masks optional for the early show (since everyone must be vaccinated)

* Masks required for the late show.

* Between the 2 shows we run a vent fan to bring in fresh air, run UVC Lights,

and wipe down all seating, tables and surfaces.