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Greetings! Winnie here, owner of Dangerous Theatre. As this pandemic continues on and on, it has become apparent that it will be a long while before I can have full audiences, live, at my theatre. In the beginning, I did all I could to make Dangerous Theatre a safe option for folks looking for live entertainment. I purchased UVC lights. I opened up the wall into the next room so I could extend seating and still keep 25ft between the stage and the audience. I installed a huge vent fan to bring in fresh air. However, my capacity is limited to about 20 and usually the audience was only 4-6. With attendance so low, I was losing money just heating and cooling the 3200 sf space. Then Denver went to level red and I was closed again anyway. We have moved into the video streaming option! Currently we have a couple options available for you to stream on demand and watch whenever you want from wherever you want. Ticketing options are a sliding scale, choose whatever fits your budget.

I am developing a show that will be live streamed from the theatre then available for on demand viewing. Hopefully, that will be ready to go in March. 

Still looking for a LIVE PERFORMANCE option? Soon I will launch "Intimate Theatre". For $150, two to four people can enjoy a private live performance. A great way to spend a night out to celebrate a birthday, anniversary or just being alive. You bring the wine and we provide ambience, dinner and a show. Patrons will have 6 different shows to choose from and a few dinner options as well. This should be available in February so please check back for details.

Live performance venues have been hit especially hard during this pandemic, including Dangerous Theatre. If the entertainment options we are currently offering aren't your cup of tea, you are welcome to hit the donate link above and make a contribution that way. We appreciate any and all donations in any amount. Hopefully, Dangerous Theatre will still be here once we have conquered COVID-19. Thank you for supporting small theatre.