Yelp reviews for Dangerous Theatre

NOTICE: Effective immediately and until further notice Dangerous Theatre is a Vaccinated Only Venue. Proof of Covid-19 vaccination is required of all performers, staff and audience members to be in the building. NO, we will not accept negative test results, this theatre is strictly for vaccinated folks only. Winnie Wenglewick, owner of the theatre, is vaccinated. However, she is also not as healthy as she would like to be and could still get dangerously ill if she got Covid. She offers apologies to those who cannot get the vaccine due to health risks. If you have chosen to not get vaccinated for any other reason and are pissed off at Winnie's decision, it just means you think your choice not to get vaccinated is somehow more important than her choice to protect herself and her business. So you are probably a selfish asshat and Winnie doesn't want your money anyway.