Ed cheated on his fiancée on Christmas Eve to satisfy the demands of his insatiable and extremely opinionated Penis. Ed attempts to confront his Penis about ruining his life, but fails miserably. His fiancée shows up to end it once and for all. Ed wants his fiancee back more than anything and finds himself sandwiched between the one he intended to spend the rest of his life with, and the organ who has run the show. An outrageous comedy about fidelity that dives into the man/penis relationship and answers the question, "How does a tool that makes up such a small part of a man's body control 100% of his life?"

The gay version plays Fridays at 7:30 * The straight version plays Saturdays at 7:00.

Dangerous Theatre is located close to downtown Denver off I25 & 6th Ave. There is plenty of free parking in the lot outside the venue.  Patrons 21+ welcome to bring beer/wine to enjoy during the show. Soft drinks, coffee and snacks available at the venue and included in the ticket price. All shows start on time. Late entry is not guaranteed. Cash only at the door. Purchase online to use a credit card. Seating is cabaret style and limited to 40 seats so purchasing tickets in advance or making phone reservations recommended. Call 720-989-3283 to make phone reservations.